Renovation Ideas for More Livable Space in Your House

Renovation Ideas for More Livable Space in Your House

No one can blame you if you want your home to be as spacious as possible. After all, there is something comforting with living in a house that doesn’t feel cramped.

If you want your home to be more functional, there are several great ideas for renovations that can enhance the livable space of your house:

Add a Second Floor

If you need new square footage with a substantial size, your best bet is to expand the house upward. Your interior space will almost double up if you add a full second story to your one-story house or go for a second floor expansion to a particular part of the house. Maybe you can expand the current space in the living room and add a new bathroom, bedroom, library or game room at the same time. A second story deck is also a great idea. You can also add square footage over your attached garage or covered patio. There are endless ideas here and they depend on your budget restrictions, zoning restrictions, and functional needs.

Expand the Main Floor

The most common form of renovation to add more room is to enlarge the ground floor. This can be done in different ways although most will require expanding the footprint of the house. Careful planning is important when adding a room and it should seamlessly blend with the exterior of your home and fit with your existing floor plan.

Once the construction starts, contractors often remove a part of an existing exterior wall, add a roof, and frame the new space, all of which are blended seamlessly to match the existing architecture of your home.

Back Patio Enclosure

With outdoors getting the spotlight, enclosing your existing patio is one of the easiest way of enjoy outdoor ambiance and good weather while getting a great living space perfect for the whole year. If your patio extends to your pool deck or private yard, this is also the best way for you and your whole family to make the most out of the new space. Patio enclosures are often budget-friendly and could be done with least disturbance to other parts of the house.

Bump Out

Just as its name suggests, a bump out redefined the perimeter of your existing floor plan to get more floor space inside. This renovation is usually minimal but it could give you enough space for a reading area, mini home office, sitting area in your master suite, or a breakfast nook.

Convert Your Front Porch

While commonly seen in backyards, sunrooms also look great in front of the house. A room with glass walls that faces your front garden is a great way to bring inside the great outdoors and give your home that much coveted old-world charm. Converted front porches are perfect for contemporary and traditional styles alike.

Use any of these ideas for renovations and look forward to some great changes that will make your home more livable and spacious than ever before!

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