What is the Best Artificial Turf for Patios?

What is the Best Artificial Turf for Patios?

Installing artificial turf on patios is now a popular thing among homeowners. But, what type of synthetic grass should you use anyway?

Take look at the main characteristics and features you have to watch out for when buying artificial turf to install in your patio.

Blade Height and Memory

If there is heavy furniture in your patio, it is best to opt for a grass that can spring back to the original shape even after it is compressed. Blade height and memory play an important role in identifying how great an artificial turf does this. It is recommended that you opt for strong memory and shorter blades. While plush turf can feel great on bare feet, this won’t be able to endure crowds and furniture over time. Medium-height artificial turf with great memory can fit better here.

Backing Strength

Just like any other kind of artificial turf installation, you need to determine the amount of foot traffic that it will receive. As for patio grass, there is an extra consideration here. Is there outdoor furniture? What is the furniture made off? Will you move it?

Lightweight pieces of outdoor furniture such as plastic chairs will not affect the turf. However, a metal grill or heavy metal chairs might. If you are using heavy outdoor furniture, it is best to choose turf with robust tuft bind and backing.

Cool Factor

Heat is another essential consideration. Remember that artificial turf has the tendency to get hot. How do you address this problem?

Many people are surprised to know that the ambient air temperature doesn’t affect the artificial turf’s temperature. Direct sunlight is the real culprit here. Sunlight tends to be most direct between 11 AM and 2 PM. If the patio is under direct sunlight during these times, it will only be an issue if you are using it during this time. Make sure you consider your day to day habits to check if it is going to be a problem for you.

Meanwhile, if there is direct sunlight on your patio during these times and you plan to use it as well, does it mean you have a hopeless case in your hands? Not really. Thanks to the changes in artificial turf technology, you can go for one that doesn’t really get too hot.

What’s Next?

These are some of the important things you have to know when searching for the most suitable artificial turf you can use for your patio. Hopefully, the factors stated above can help you reach an educated decision.

Always keep in mind that artificial turf has got a long list of benefits that you can take advantage of. You will have the chance to enjoy these perks as well when you choose to install it in your patio. Now is the perfect time for you to use it on this outdoor part of your home to improve its overall look and appeal. Don’t waste time. Install artificial turf on your patio right away!

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